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Creating a stronger, equitable workplace—together

At Savencia, we believe that every woman voice’s must be heard. We’re committed to advancing company-wide gender equality and building a culture that brings everyone together to lift people up, professionally and personally. Together, we envision a future where men and women unite—and thrive.

What is #HeForShe?

#HeForShe is a campaign from United Nations that encourages individuals, corporations, and nations to join forces in fighting gender imbalance and empowering women on a global scale. We believe that women’s rights are a human rights issue.
By pledging to contribute to this movement, Savencia commits to creating an equitable workplace where men and women can benefit from equal opportunities for generations to come.

“Savencia’s commitment to the #HeForShe movement sends a clear message to everyone who works here that gender equality matters and encourages everyone to proactively think about this issue.”

#HeforShe at Savencia

As part of Savencia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillar, we aim to reach gender parity in management by 2025. We believe that empowering women through equal pay, education, and work-life balance propels our company forward by introducing new, powerful viewpoints, and that women in leadership expand resources while increasing effectiveness and productivity. In line with this diversity and inclusion commitment, Savencia has dedicated resources to the following efforts:

Adoption Assistance
Flexible Work Schedules
Pay & Bonus Equality
Education Stipends & Scholarships
Training & Professional Development
Internal Growth & Hiring Opportunities for Women

“Savencia committing to HeforShe only reaffirms what I already knew: Savencia truly cares about gender equality. Manufacturing has historically been a very male-dominated culture, or “boys club.” I experienced some of that when I first started working for Savencia.

It’s been nice to witness Savencia’s culture change to one where women are empowered, supported, and have a seat at the table—or can sit at the head of the table.”

Inspiring an Industry-Wide Culture Shift

As a leading manufacturer in an industry that has historically been male-dominated, Savencia recognizes the global opportunity to provide new pathways and training for women to succeed.
Savencia established an endowed scholarship at Iowa State University, to support equality among the future generation of cheesemakers. Discover more about the scholarship here.

“I have always liked the culture of the Savencia organization—a professional organization with a family feel. The company invests in, develops, and empowers staff. This leads to committed personnel who are energized and excited to work together.”